In 2199 the mega corporation Patriotic Legion controls the World Order, the sparse population that survived a devastating nuclear war lives in underground shelters permanently attached to the virtual nexus, a digital collective hallucinatory drug...

All emotions and artistic expressions have been abolished and anyone who questions the regime and influence the people to do the same are persecuted and any form of insurgency against the state is violently rejected. On the earth surface only androids operate, collecting the available resources to feed the structure that keep the virtual Nexus working.

The only hope lies in a group of renegade misfits who intends to change the course of history, they plan to break & enter into the Patriotic Legion Head Quarters and shut off the Virtual Nexus, waking humanity up again, a new beginning is on the horizon...


Aadysi - Conquer

Strap in and prepare yourself for a new jaw dropping tune from Aadysi.
On "Conquer" he continues pushing his sound design and twisted composition into unexplored territory that transcends genres in the bass music realm, a must have for all bass heads out there.


Coming soon.

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